Story behind the song – Waiting for the Day

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Bible references: Psalm 27; 1 Corinthians 13:8-12; 1 John 3:1-2; Romans 7:21-25; Ephesians 6:10-18; Revelation 22:1-5

Themes: Hope, doubt, heaven, peace

So much of our existence is characterized by fighting. We fight for our first breath and we fight for our last. We fight our enemies and we fight those we love. We fight Satan, we fight our fallen world, we even fight ourselves. Most of all we try to fight God and his purposes for us. Even those who seem to thrive on conflict eventually tire of the struggle. Oh for the day when it is not a struggle anymore!

I wrote this song when I was tired of the fight. Our years on earth are but a breath, but it feels like a very long breath while we live them! Even on our happier days, when we get a sneak preview of what is to come, we are still to draw comfort and strength for the here and now as we look forward to when we will see Jesus face to face.

This song took a very long time to write. I had lots of bits, but they weren’t fitting together very well. I reworked it several times, and put it aside for a few years before I played it to anyone. Partly because it didn’t feel finished, partly because it was very personal. It’s interesting though, how songs that affect the writer most personally often have the most fruitful lives beyond them.

I’m so grateful to Ben Shive who arranged and recorded the song. (Please email me if you would like to hear it.) I still feel that he somehow understood the song more than I did in how he arranged and sang it, even though I’ve never actually met him. I’m not sure how that works, but it feels true.

The image of laying down our weapons for robes of glory is a personal favourite. It’s not mine I don’t think, I vaguely remember reading something like it somewhere years ago, but I don’t remember where! (If anyone can enlighten me, please do.) The image of eating from the tree of life comes from a few places in Revelation (2:7, 22:2, 22:19). Such a contrast to the picture of exile from the garden in Genesis! What freedom, that as redeemed and transformed people we will eat from that tree forever.

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